Toll Manufacturing


We have following registration for doing toll manufacturing.The plant has state of art facilities for Herbicideces and Insecticides manufacturing.This plant was originally build by a leading American Company Cynamide Ltd and,we have taken over from BASF a german Conglomerate.The installed capacity of plant is 25000MT/Annum

Paints and Coatings:

We have installed the state of the art facility for manufacturing of Thinners and Paints at our Dadra Site.We are currently manufacturing 3000MT/Annum Thinners and 1200MT/Annum Paints.The installed Capacity of Coating products is 10000MT)annum.

Lubricants and Coolants:

The total capacity we are having for manufacturing of Lubricants is 10000MT.We are currently manufacturing 1000MT of various products of Coolants and Lubricants.The product like Gear Oil,Hydraulic Oil,Engine Oil,Coolants etc can be manufactured in this facility.We can manufactured from 200 ml to 200 Ltrs of packing in this facility.